Our hospitals offer peace of mind boarding for your pets while you are away, with doctors on premises should your pet require any medical attention.
Effective January 2012, Due to a recent outbreak on Long Island , all dogs coming in to board are required now to have a Canine Influenza vaccine or H3N8 vaccine.
Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs caused by a novel influenza virus that was first discovered in 2004. We do not refer to it as “dog flu”, because it refers to any flu-like illnesses in dogs due to various causes. Rather, canine influenza is a specific disease caused by H3N8 of the influenza virus. Infections can occur year round, it is not seasonal like human flu virus. Dogs of any age, breed or vaccination status are susceptible to the infection. It is spread via contact with an infected animal or can be spread by aerosol transmission (coughing and sneezing). While we take every procaution in keeping our boarding facilties very clean, and disinfect often there is always the possibility of transmission. It is our hope that in vaccinating every dog coming in for boarding we can prevent our furry family members from catching this virus.

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